Roland Hübscher
Experience Design • Learners • Intelligent User Interfaces

Hi! My name is Roland Hübscher and I am the Chair and an associate professor in the Information Design & Corporate Communcation department and teach also in the Human Factors in Information Design program at Bentley University. Contact me at
Keywords: HFID, IDCC, Bentley University

Research I design user interfaces and algorithms for learners and teachers.
Keywords: user interfaces, educational technology, artificial intelligence, informal learning

Teaching I teach courses on design including emerging and intelligent interfaces. The courses include IDCC375, IDCC385, HF760, and HF765.
Keywords: user experience design, intelligent user interfaces, design process

Resources for IDCC & MSHFID Students If you are interested in above topics, would like to do some research project or need advice, then stop by my office or drop me an email. Contact me for questions about the MSHFID thesis option or the MSHFID mentoring program.
Keywords: student projects, MSHFID thesis, MSHFID mentoring